About Us

SellFocus is pan-African multi-sector business conglomerate with experience in introducing international investors to emerging markets on the continent of Africa.

With a range of successful operations covering education, mines and energy, flexible metal tubes, real estate, infrastructure, aircraft sales and rental, and fashion, SellFocus has built a solid reputation with key governmental bodies and business executives all across the continent.

Our goal is to build and scale up more businesses throughout the region, while providing a knowledge base, business opportunities, and lasting influence to the local industries. SellFocus introduces international investors to the continent by providing them with unique opportunities to create markets, establish brands, influence customer preferences and establish long-term relationships through our in-depth knowledge of the diverse cultures of the continent of Africa.

We also work diligently in guiding local businesses in looking for export opportunities inside and outside the continent. We believe that by providing them with these opportunities and international partners SellFocus will be at the forefront of fostering new relationships that will bring breakthroughs in the continent.

Never in half a century since independence from the colonial powers has Africa been in such good shape. African countries have dominated the rankings of the world’s fastest growing economies with three African countries as top three according to the International Monetary Fund. Africa’s economy is flourishing and most countries are at peace.