Fashion and Beauty


Brand Development, Management, and Marketing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

SellFocus has carried out studies that has helped to provide an in-depth view of Africa's very diverse markets and  the purchase cultures of fashion and beauty products. This has enabled us to successfully develop, launch, and manage brands in areas of the African market to which they are well suited and in demand.

Working with international partners SellFocus is also dedicated to creating business opportunities for African products in new markets in Europe, America, Middle East, and Asia.

SellFocus has a highly skilled team that is committed to ensuring that every new brand taken on board is developed, marketed and presented to the highest standards.       


Lifestyle and Networking Events

SellFocus also specialises in organising genre-based lifestyle events, business networking events, and brand launch parties.

By collaborating with international brands and experts we aim to bring together key local & international players - helping to bring growth and encourage upcoming talents and brands to achieve international recognition.

SellFocus has a highly skilled team with experience in areas like event management and marketing, who make sure that the creme de la creme of the target market are present at each event.